9 nov. 2009

Llyn Y Cwn - Llyn Y Cwn I & II (2009)

Artist: Llyn Y Cwn
Title: Llyn Y Cwn I & II
Genre: Dark Ambient
Year: 2009


Llyn Y Cwn is the name a dark ambient project by Ben Powell (Mank).
The two EP’s have been released only in digital format in 2009 – part 1 in March and part 2 in November.

The EP’s try to emulate the type of environment encountered at Llyn Y Cwn, harsh and desolate but at the same time beautiful.

They feature environmental field recordings from the mountains of North Wales and from an ice breaker ploughing through ice at the North Pole. The music is intended to be played as the listener is going to sleep.

both ep's can be downloaded at

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